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by cod2war on 10 August 2017 - 80 views - 0 comments
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3DMotive - Animation Pipeline in UE4 Volume 4

3DMotive - Animation Pipeline in UE4 Volume 4
3DMotive ? Animation Pipeline in UE4 Volume 4
Duration 7 Classes With Project Files MP4

In Animation Pipeline in UE4, Chad Mogran will be giving a comprehensive overview of all things animation in Epic?s Unreal 4 Engine. Starting with exporting our character from Maya using the FBX format, we?ll import it into UE4 in such a way that will allow us to share animation blueprints across different characters. Then we?ll go over how to import animations and setting up things like additive aim poses and navigational blend spaces. We will cover the basic concepts of the blueprint scripting system in the Unreal Engine so we can set up our character and then our animation blueprint. We?ll cover how to hook up our character with input from the keyboard and gamepad, connect it to our anim blueprint, and have our character running around the level in the engine. In discussing anim blueprints, we?ll discuss concepts such as applying additive animations and setting up state machines. We?ll add extra features like ik systems, head look-at systems, other procedural animation systems.

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