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by cod2war on 30 October 2018 - 184 views - 0 comments
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Udemy - Create a 3D Platformer From Scratch

Udemy - Create a 3D Platformer From Scratch
Udemy ? Create a 3D Platformer From Scratch

Duration 3h MP4
What you?ll learn

Create games in the 3D Platformer genre
Have the skills to implement features into future projects
Understand concepts such as Scene Management and PlayerPrefs


Some experience with Unity and C# programming
A Copy of Unity ? Personal Edition
Access to a Computer


Learn about the Unity 3D game engine with our project-based class, where we build a 3D Platformer game from scratch! If you have some basic knowledge of C# and Unity, improve your skills by exploring this course.

If you have completed a few basic tutorials on Unity and have some basic knowledge of C# (variables, loops, data structures, etc.), this class is perfect for you. We take a project-based approach, where we follow one game from start to finish.

We will:

Begin with a blank Unity project and flesh out a fully working game.

Learn fundamental techniques for creating your own 3D platform game

Follow several C# scripts line-by-line, building onto it as new features are added

What is covered:

Setup our project settings and environment

Creating a Player and Camera controller

Building a Player model with animations

Setting up a Health System

Adding Collectibles

Setting up a Pause Menu

Developing a Main Menu and Managing Scenes

Implementing a Saving and Loading system

Adding Platforms and Enemies to Levels and Unlocking Content

Level up your Unity skills and build your 3D Platform game today!

Who is the target audience?

Beginners to Programming and Unity
Intermediate Game Developers looking to expand their knowledge
Anyone looking to build their own 3D Platformer in Unity

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