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I. What is Silver member?
Silver member is registered member, who has Datafile or Rapidgator premium account but which must bought under our link on this site OR share us his stuffs.
- Can request on forum
- Can request for dead link and will be solved quickly (1-24 hours)
- View 90 (maybe more) articles / day

II. How to be Silver member?
1. Buy rapidgator or datafile premium
If you buy rapidgator or datafile premium, you can request to upgrade to Silver membership NOT applied for other hosts such as gboxes turbobit...
Remember do as following (if not, you will be not applied):

- Click on any articles on

- Click on datafile or rapidgator link

- After checkout completely, contact us
Your username on your_username
The article which you bought:
The rapidgator or datafile link which you bought:
After checking, we will upgrade your account to Silver

If you buy or renew datafile premium, go to you will see:

Copy your ID (XXXXXX) and send me. I will check and apply Silver membership for you

2. Share us your stuffs
How to share products
Don't get product from kickass topgfx skyback because anyone can get from them

Ex: You want to share us this product:

- Search on to ensure it was not published
- Named folder looks like "66908 Fantastic Fabrics" and put *.zip products into that folder
- Compress that folder and named 66908.rar
- Upload to or
- Send us the link.

10 products will get 1 month acess as Silver member

III. Note (Important) if you buy Rapidgator premium:
If your premium renew automatically, you will not be applied to Silver member
Because I may not receive commission for premium auto renewal, you must do as following before account expires:
- Login your rapidgator account.
- My account --> Profile --> Modify account settings »
- On Subscribe to a recurring payment Uncheck it, type current password + catpcha and submit. Meaning your account will not auto renew when it expires.
- When account expires, click on rapidgator download link on any article on this site and Buy premium.

And repeat as (II. How to be Silver member?)


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Нужно зайти и бесплатные программы скачать для пк, а так же фильмы смотреть онлайн на кинопортале или скачать платные шаблоны для DLE на лучшем портале